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Volunteering Tanzania Arusha


Volunteering Tanzania Arusha Tanzania and make a difference while you enjoy the spectacular view on the highest Mount in African and the highest free standing Mountain in the world. Located in North East of Tanzania, bordering neighboring country of Kenya and Arusha region in Tanzania is Arusha Region. Arusha region that is sometimes refereed to Moshi, a name given after the region’s main town of Moshi is home to the great Mount Arusha. When you join our course by deciding to elective in Arusha, then you can be assured of enjoying the spectacular view of the great Arusha everyday of you entire elective stay.

Arusha is in close proximity to Arusha City, only about 74 km apart. Arusha is Tanzania’s tourist capital, hence offering those who have decided to elective in Arusha an easy access to the Country’s main tourist attractions. Arusha is offering easy access to the major country’s attractions like a Safari to the great Serengeti national Park, a Safari to the Ng’orong’oro crater (the 8th wander of the World), on top of that a Safari to lake Manyara National park and a Safari to Arusha national park are also at your disposal. These opportunities are endless but not without mentioning an opportunity to climb Mount Meru, Africa 3rd highest Mount located in Arusha Tanzania. These are just a few attractions that you can enjoy when you elective in Arusha.


Apart from tourist attractions offered by neighboring Arusha region, there are also endless tourist attractions found in Arusha region itself. Let’s take a look at some outstanding tourist attractions offered by Arusha region. Tourist attractions in Arusha region include the following:-  

  • Kikuletwa Hotsprings
  • Materuni Waterfalls
  • Mount Arusha
  • Lake Chala
  • Olpopongi – Maasai Cultural Village & Museum
  • Uhuru Museum
  • Arusha Friendship Trail
  • Natural Extracts Industries
  • Kibo Tower
  • Ndoro Waterfall
  • Chagga Museum
  • Ashirawaterfalls


If you wish to travel to neighboring country of Kenya after you electiveing Tanzania Arusha then Moshi town is offering easy means for that trip. Moshi is the closest town boarding the neighboring country of Kenya. Moshi town is also a place for our elective’s accommodation and programs in Arusha region. Moshi is located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This beautiful small town is then the gateway to all Kilimanjaro Climbs and expeditions.

The climate id Moshi town is optimal for elective activities. Over the years the temperature in Moshi has been raging form 61 degrees F to 91 Degrees F and very rarely would the temperature in Moshi go below 58 degrees F. During the wet season Moshi Town is generally hot, humid and mostly cloudy while the Dry season is warm and partly cloudy.

Most of the Kilimanjaro Climbs and Expeditions begin with a stop and a preparatory meet at Moshi Town. Moshi is just 39Km from Kilimanjaro International Airport. Moshi is then your classiest big town after your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport. This makes Kilimanjaro International Airport an ideal Airport to use to elective in Arusha.

elective in Kilimanjaro Moshi


The question is has always been when is the best time to elective in Arusha? Is it before doing your Kilimanjaro climbing activities or after doing your Kilimanjaro climbing activities? Other went ahead and further asked is it ideal to elective in Arusha after Safari or before safari? Again a lot of people have been asking when is the best time or season of the year to Volunteer in Arusha.

The answers to these questions depend with an individual. In answering these questions we first need to know the main essence or motive of the traveler or of the trip to Arusha. Our policy is that let first be first, we believe the most essential activities to be taken care and first then rest will follow.


This means the question whether the best time to elective in Arusha is before or after climbing Kilimanjaro? Would be answered by a consequent question of what is the main essence of your trip to Arusha? Is it Kilimanjaro climb or Volunteering in Arusha? The answer to what you should start with would definitely be the main essence of your trip.

Likewise with the question of the best time to elective in Arusha is after safari or before safari. Ask yourself the motive of your trip is it Safari driven or electiveing in Arusha driven. The answer to this question will answer your first question respectively.


Just like our accommodation in other locations in Tanzania, Arusha also has two main options of accommodations. Our accommodations are located in Moshi town and we have the option of a elective house / Hostel and homestay accommodation.


Our Volunteer house in Arusha is a western style house with 5 rooms. All rooms are shared and equipped with bunked beds. The bathrooms and toilets in our elective house are all western style. Our elective house in Moshi in very secure, it is located in a compound surrounded by a wall fence with a security guard doing rounds on the compound for 24 hours.

Tape water is available in all our accommodations; however the African and specifically Tanzanian way of service provision is still very underdeveloped, hence water cut out is very much expected. Just like with water, electricity is also available in all our accommodation. The question comes, is electricity reliable in Tanzania? It is not that reliable expect power cut outs from time to time.


The living standards of our homestays are basic. Expect to live with middle class families, meaning families that can at least afford the basic. In our homestays most of the family members can communicate in English. Room allocation is just like in Volunteer House. Volunteer will only sleep on their own, meaning that they will only share rooms with fellow electives.

He careful vet and select out host families keeping in mind security and safety of our electives. All these homestays are as safe as the elective house. Like in the elective house were water and electricity is not very reliable, expect the same in homestay accommodation because it’s the same country you are in.

elective in kilimanjaro homestay


There is a lot to do during the weekend and free time while you are in Arusha. As said earlier the location of Arusha makes it ideal for easy access to several tourist attractions and excursion. When you elective in Arusha a tourist is never short of places to visit or tours to go and do some learning experience. Honestly speaking the list of what to in Arusha during weekends and free time is endless.

It all depends with electives Interest and budget. Most of tourist attractions require money to visit and hence how big your pocket is? is a determinate of how many places you will visit. Below are some of the activities and places you can do during the weekend while you elective in Arusha Tanzania, Moshi town.

elective in Kilimanjaro programs

  • Go for Kilimanjaro Climb
  • Do Mt Meru Climb
  • Visit Arusha City
  • Travel To Nairobi in Kenya
  • Do a Safari to Ng’orong’oro Crater
  • Do a Safari to Serengeti National Park
  • Do a Safari to Lake Manyara national Park
  • Visit Dar Es Salam City, Tanzania Economical Capital
  • Visit Zanzibar Island, Africa’s best Island located in Tanzania


We have variety of electiveing projects in our Arusha location just like in our other locations. The choice on what to get involved with is on you. Our project tries to cover different areas and angles that we believe needs electives helping hand and support in Tanzania. Most of our projects in Arusha don’t require very skilled electives, this is to increase a scope of participants, and we want all those with the helping desire to be able to help. We don’t consider skill as an important helping criterion. Let’s now see different elective opportunities in Arusha region.

  • Orphanage Volunteer Opportunities in Arusha
  • Volunteer in Arusha Medical programs
  • Special Needs Volunteer Programs Arusha
  • Volunteer teaching in Arusha Tanzania


We need your helping hand to help the orphans of Arusha Tanzania.  Tanzania just like Africa was hit hard by HIV/AIDS and this has contributed to most children losing their parents. These children needs our efforts and help to get basic care and needs. Efforts of the local orphanages and the Government of Tanzania are not enough. Hence we need International electives to supplement our efforts and eventually do well to these Orphans. Volunteer in Arusha and help the needy kids.


You don’t need to be a qualified medical practitioner to help in our medical programs in Arusha Tanzania. Whether you are a medical student or even a pre medical student there is still something for you to do and help at the Hospitals. Thousands of Tanzania die every year due to lack of qualified medical practitioners and lack of enough proper medical equipment. The Government has done a lot already and the impact is seen. However we still need International electives to support these efforts.  Join our medical elective team in Tanzania today and make a difference into the lives of needy people in Tanzania.  


Tanzania also has the most unfortunate section of the children in Tanzania. These are unfortunate because they won’t be able to go through the normal development stages and process as a normal child. These children require special care and attention to be able to live. Volunteer in Arusha Tanzania and get opportunities to elective in special need schools were your skills and desire to help will definitely add a lot of value. To most electives special need electiveing is the most rewarding elective program in Arusha.


Good need is that anyone can teach and join our elective in Arusha teaching program. You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to be able to teach in pre and primary schools in Arusha. Al we need from a elective is willingness to help, desire to help and finally and intermediate level of English is enough. Most of our elective if not all have an intermediate level of English language making them qualified to be Involved in our teaching elective program in Arusha.


Volunteer usually wake up take 07:00 am and get like an hour for bathing and freshening up. Breakfast is usually ready by 08:00am. Volunteers would take their breakfast and at around 08:30am they would all make their way to their project site. They would do the electiveing up to around 01:00pm, were it usually lunch time in many programs.

Depending with what a elective choose to do, other tend to go back home for lunch and return at the project but keep in mind you only have one hour to do that. However most elective carry lunch box from accommodation and hence will find somewhere to sit and open their boxes for lunch.

After lunch elective would continue with their normal project activities and a day at the project would usually end at around 03:00pm or 03:30pm depending with a program. Most elective would make their way back to accommodation but others would go around visiting friends and do some site seeing.  


Dinner is at 07:30pm at the accommodation. Hence the when the day ends at the projects site up to the time dinner is served is left to the elective to choose the best way to use it.

For those who prefer going out for music and drinks, Moshi town has many good places and bars for one to sit and a get a beer in the evening while listening to good music or watch a football match.

This is usually a timetable for weekdays, meaning what is expected from a elective Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Weekends are left to elective to decided how best to use them. We have already listed above several activities to be done during the weekend. Basically weekends are time for short travels, site seeing and tourism.

Program fees


Costs: Prices in USD

Length of Program Program Fee
2 weeks $570
4 weeks $880
6 weeks $1,280
8 weeks $1,685
10 weeks $2,085
12 weeks $2,355
Registration Fee $210
Additional Week $120

What’s Included

Services by Volunteer Tanzania

Volunteer Program fee covers the following

  • Volunteer placement facilitation-full program scheduling and supervision
  • Pre-arrival support & preparation of your project/work placement
  • Airport pick up 
  • Orientation (usually begins on a Monday
  • Accommodation Room & Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
  • Housekeeping
  • Daily in-person availability of a local coordinator


  • $150 USD contribution to placement facility
  • Airport transport on departure (can be arranged)
  • VISA and PERMIT fees